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As a Global Trading House, Our agro commodities business involves both domestic and international trade transactions. In addition to our main office in Singapore, we have presence in India (Chennai, Tuticorin, Mumbai, and Delhi), and China. Our company deals with agro commodities such as pulses, oilseeds, soya beans, soybean meal, rice, chilly, sunflower oil and spices. Our markets include Asia-Pacific, the Indian subcontinent, the US, Canada, China, Black Sea and the Middle East.

Our Business Consultancy Services Division provides a variety of services including, Business setup consultancy , Risk Management, Commission Agents and Brokerage services for International Trade.

Ishu International helps to connect people, businesses, organizations, traders, and investors.

We strive to equip every business, organization, trader and investor with the tools they need to be successful in today's global markets.

Why Choose Us

With our background in brokerage, we are well-positioned to bring our clientele into well-known emerging markets in India and around the world. Ishu International's digital platforms provide enterprises, organizations, traders and investors with access to the global markets ecosystem. With our dynamic business partners, we are able to reach all markets around the world.

Ishu International serves clients in Asia-Pacific, the Indian subcontinent, the US, Canada, China, and the Black Sea (Russia, Ukraine, and the Middle East). We offer our institutional-grade digital platforms, our high-touch service, and our market intelligence to full fill trading needs, investing efficiently, managing their market risks and improving business performance. As a result of our relentless dedication to benefiting our clients in this way, we have built long-term relationships based on guidance, honesty, integrity and trust.